Weirdest Rituals From Around the World to Give you Goose Bumps

Weirdest Rituals From Around the World

Weirdest Rituals
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  • A country is made of states and each state is made from the people who live there. These people are divided into different sects, community and culture. If we go deeper in this hierarchy then next comes different rituals that are followed by people of the different region. Some of them make sense, some are legacy bound, some are plain lame but some of them just don’t make any sense at all.
  • The World is running at a lightning speed, everyone is growing in one way or the other. Science has made millions of new inventions which can cure deadliest of diseases and some of them can take you places. But somewhere deep down that growth is the ugly side which is hidden deep under the blankets. No one has the guts to question the existence and past of these ugly rituals. But today we will discuss something that is plain bizarre and will give you nerve wrecking experience from top to bottom.

1. Wife swapping to confuse evil spirit

Wife swapping
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Yes, such thing does exist. Some of you may laugh it away but this ritual can bury the soul of thousands of woman who go through this dumb activity. This ritual is followed by people in North America and East Serbia.

2. If you can’t have her kidnap her

If you can't have her kidnap her
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There is a tradition followed in Romani gipsy called as bride kidnapping. It is one of the most bizarre rituals still practised and is illegal in the eyes of the law but it seems to be legal in the eyes of Romani. Do you remember the time when you had a teenage crush on a girl and you fantasised of eloping with her? We in Romani this dream comes to reality from many psychopath men. The rules go like this- you like a woman- you kidnap her- if she couldn’t escape for three-day she is yours forever according to the local belief system. Though the woman and her family do not approve this ritual at all.

3. If you don’t burn it you don’t earn it

If you don't burn it you don't earn it

As weird as Chinese products this ritual will give you freakish feeling down the spine.

This ritual is followed by the newly wedded couple where the groom has to carry his wife in his arm while walking on burning coal. This sure is one hot ritual

4. Diego is God of soccer and?

Diego is God of soccer and?
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If Sachin is God of cricket then Diego Maradona is no less than him. Just like in India people treat Sir Sachin Tendulkar as God of cricket similar is the case with Argentina. The treat Diego Maradona as God not only for the game of soccer but in real life.

There is a community in Argentina which has made a church and Diego is the God there. If you want to follow that religion you need to have your second name as Diego. Now that is something really weird and funny too.

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