Freakish Restaurants in the World That Offer You Weirdness and Style

Freakish Restaurants in the World: Are you bored eating pizza, momos, Chinese and continental food in that restaurant nearby your house? If No then these restaurants will make you feel bored of your regular routine restaurants.
If yes, then you are up for some really good eye candylicious treat. Thank me later for this.
So what are you waiting for? The weekend is around you decide the menu I will decide the venue.

Let’s go and make a booking in the most freakish restaurants in the world.
If these restaurants don’t excite I don’t know what will (Now stop saying Sunny Leone).

1. Poop while you eat (Ahmm bad idea or maybe?)

Poop while you eat (Ahmm bad idea or maybe?)
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This amazing concept restaurant is named as Modern Toilet is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. People say you don’t shit where you eat but I think this is a really good shitty idea trending. You sit on a toilet commode, bathroom like location and you ice cream looks identical twin of hmm let’s not just use the “S” word which ends with a “T”. All in all its really freakish.

2. Heart Attack Grill (Guys hold your… breath)

Heart Attack Grill (Guys hold your... breath)
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This is sultry (Please don’t try to arrange the words) restaurant designed as a hospital where the waitresses are dressed like hot nurses and the food is served hot too. This restaurant is situated in Las Vegas (Of course) the USA and they serve you free food if you weigh more that 350Ibs that’s around only 158 Kgs approximately.
You can gain few Kgs to eat for free there it surely looks worth it (*wink*).

3. Eat while you are high (not stoned high)

Eat while you are high (not stoned high)
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You to me: Oh my God! what’s that in the air.
Me: My friend it’s a table for 22, should I make a booking for you?
This concept is followed in many parts of the world and is loved by many people who love to eat when they are high (metaphorically). This looks freakish, exciting and romantic too. So if you though you are Khatron Ke Khiladi do plan to visit there once before you get high or want to get high or whatever.

4. De Kas (They have taken the Subway’s “Eat Fresh” slogan too very seriously)

De Kas
Image Source

An Amsterdam, the Netherlands-based restaurant serves your food fresh. Big deal right? No, for them fresh means freshest fresh this fresh that the food you eat is grown in this greenhouse farm the same day and served you the same day. That’s more fresh than freakish. This restaurant was on the verge of abolishment but a creativity and food enthusiastic Michelin star chef, Gert Jan Hageman saved it from getting closed in the year 2001. We thank him for this kind gesture. I am feeling freshly hungry are you?

5. Redwoods Treehouse (Childhood Revisited)

Redwoods Treehouse (Childhood Revisited)
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It’s sad that we don’t have treehouse concept here in India but it is sadder that we don’t have these here. This looks so cute just like me (ahemm yes please). This Warkworth, New Zealand-based restaurant was built in 2008 and has a capacity of 30 people. New Zealand here I come.

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