This List of Beautiful Women Will Keep You Drooling

List of Beautiful Women

A long time ago God created a universe for existence, and then he created organisms followed by a man. But then God created something that was worth adoring and that was a woman. The woman is a species which is a mixture of innocence, strength, happiness, anger, envy, kindness. They are everything; they make the universe come alive. Every woman is beautiful in a unique way but if we talk about looks then there are a bunch of benchmarks that have been crossed by the following set of a woman by their beauty, elegance, charisma and charm.

Before I go ahead I would like to share a thought that bothered many girls in childhood i.e. why god had made one woman so pretty and the other one average looking the truth is “none of the figures in your hand is equal, every figure is different yet important in its own way. I hope you get the idea I am trying to portray.

8. Russia


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If there is anything as blue as the ocean, as pink as roses and as pretty and nature it is the Russian women. Russian women are very pretty with their sharp faces and light coloured eyes which will make you go wow whenever you see them.

7. France


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There are a bunch of reasons that makes France a beautiful place and one of the reasons is its lovely women. These women are fair in colour as well as have flushed skin. They are as charming as the beautiful cities like Paris and as aromatic as the perfumes the produce.

6. Argentina


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If your question is “Bold & Beautiful” then Argentina women is your answer. These women are the perfect mixture of looks and body. They are stout in structure and gorgeous in appearance. Looking for a sporty chick the stop your search on Argentina’s women.

5. China


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China doll and Chinese women are as cute as anything you could imagine about. They have soft wheatish to the fair skin which is as flawless as silk. They are short in height yet manage to grab a lot of eyeballs with their cuteness. They have smooth silky hair which will definitely keep you wanting for more.

4. Switzerland


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As yummy as the Swiss chocolates, Swiss women will make you go gaga with the countryside looks they have.

3. Scotland


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No one knows where did whisky come from but we sure know that Scottish women do have sedation in their looks. These red head women are alluring and mind boggling.

2. Venezuela


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If beauty is you question then Venezuela is definitely your answer. Someone born and inherited with good looks is these lucky ladies from Venezuela. They have a most beautiful face and bodies structure. That surely justifies the reason why Venezuela’s women have won most beauty pageants.

1. India


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Don’t call me biased when I say, Indian women. Just go through the beauty graph that we have produced. From Aishwarya to Kareena. From Deepika to Priyanka. We have women of every skin colour hue and tone.

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