How to Escape Rape Like Situation?

How to Escape Rape

Crime and criminals are increasing day by day at a lightning speed. But out of all the crimes practised in world rape or women molestation or groping women at public places is increasing day by day. The worst part here is, nobody will ever teach the males to stay in their limits but everyone will point fingers at the female for everything that happened. But today I will like to share some basic information that would help you to how to escape rape a nightmare like situation. I pray that no girl, women or any human being in this world ever has to go through of the above situation. But as they say – 

“hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst.”

How to Escape Rape
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Tricks to How To Escape Rape:

1. Stay strong

Stay strong
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No matter what the situation is you need to stay strong. You cannot let a person take away your soul from yourself just because he is inhuman or drunk. You have to act strong and fight back. Just because he is a man and is considered stronger than you doesn’t mean that he can take over. Science says that when a human is subjected to worst conditions he gets three to four times energetic just to fight back. Use all the skills you have- use your elbow, your nails or you can even tickle the person. Try to be as swift as possible.

2. Carry a pepper spray

Carry a pepper spray
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I know that these situations are never pre-known but if you are aware that the area you are travelling can end being ruthless on you be prepared to carry a pepper spray, a small knife or some kind of weapon that is handy. You can also carry an umbrella. According to a research conducted it is noted that usually rapist look out for women which are weak targets and are busy with phones or their bags. So if you are walking through a graveyard lane which has no traffic around try to be swift and active and keep looking around so that the person gets the signal that you are active and not a soft target. If you sense anything that’s not right around you take out your weapon or pepper spray to be ready in advance. Why to take a risk when you can escape the situation.

3. Keep the opponent engaged and witty

Keep the opponent engaged and witty
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One of the most popular tricks that can help you escape such situation is by engaging with the opponent. It may sound weird but it has worked for a bunch of people. Recently there were many incidents where the victims acted smartly and escaped the situations just by their wits. There was a girl who acted dead to scare the offender and she managed to escape that situation. The best part is she made it sure that the criminal gets caught by the police department. In another incident, the victim acted to be possessed and scared the culprits.

Few other tip

1. Try to avoid going to criminal prone are alone.
2. Self-defense is the key try to learn that.
3. If you are travelling via auto, cab or any vehicle by yourself make sure you note down the details of the vehicle and forward it to someone who is on your speed dial.
4. While travelling alone show the people around you that someone is waiting for you at the destination

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