Most Beautiful Woman According to Science

Most Beautiful Woman

We have been trying to follow the famous proverb “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But it looks like that science of stupid has once again proved that there are few measurements that can measure beauty and perfect body type.

Most Beautiful Woman
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Each day there is something stupid that interests our eyes and very recently there was a girl from Britain that made the internet go green with envy, not because she is hot or very pretty but because of some other reason. The reason that this 18-year-old girl named Florence Colgate is making a buzz is due to her facial measurements.

Science has reached places but there are yet many questions that keep on banging in the head. One of those questions is answered by Britain scientists. This girl is known to have all the best features in all the right places. No flaw, no makeup and no plastic surgery. Yet oh so beautiful.

Let’s dig into some of her pictures and details that you may like to know. Maybe you too can fit in those details and fill in send those scientists your pictures next time.

Florence Colgate is a beautiful and normal girl with blonde hair and deep blue eyes though that is not the reason why she won the competition conducted by scientists.

Facts about the most beautiful woman according to science

most beautiful woman according to science
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Fact no. 1: Name of the competition conducted in Britain was “Lorraine: Naked,” in which more than 8000 contestants participated in the year 2012.

Fact no. 2: All the participants had to send their pictures of their natural features i.e. no makeup and no plastic surgery.

most beautiful woman
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Fact no. 3: After years long research there were top three finalists out of which Florence Colgate advanced and became the “most beautiful face” of Britain.

most beautiful face
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Fact no. 4: Scientists say that Miss Colgate has the most perfect (near to perfect) facial features according to science. They further mentioned the details according to which normal distance between pupils of eyes in 46% but no in case of Miss Colgate. Her ratio is very less i.e. 44%.

Fact no. 5: Scientists also claimed that her features also encompass other “classic signs of beauty” according to Carmen Lefebvre, PhD: large eyes, high cheekbones, and supple lips.

She is also considered to have a most desirable face. The reason behind this is that she has a symmetrical face and science states that the owner of the symmetrical face is considered to be more reproductive to the opponent.

Florence is just like any other usual girl. When she was asked how she feels about this competition and the scientific measurements she just laughed it out and said:

“I see myself in the mirror and not science”.

When she participated in the competition she was preparing for University for business studies and by now she has just graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University in May 2015.

Science is really complicated and it gets complicated with every invention and statement it states. Let’s pray they don’t come up with something that puts the humanity and kindness in danger.

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