Most Addictive Drugs/Alcohol That May Hit You Down Hard

Most Addictive Drugs/Alcohol

Drugs and drug addicts are nowadays part and parcel of today’s world. There are a lot of reasons why one drug is more addictive than the other. Dependency on a drug may depend on your genes, DNA, blood group, the type of drugs your friends take etc. But other than these basic reasons there is a lot more to this drug world that will keep you astonished. You may also be amazed to know that according to research conducted by profound scientists, it is better to consume cannabis and its by-product that alcohol and tobacco.

Following are the most addictive drugs and a piece of knowledge that you should have about them.

1. Amphetamines

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This drug is used to create high alertness as it is a stimulant. It is usually used to cure obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and narcolepsy.

2. Cocaine

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Most Addictive Drugs/Alcohol: Usually known as coke, cocaine is the drug of fashion models celebrities and rich brats. This white powder is highly addictive and expensive too.

3. Alcohol

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One of the reason, why many people feel happy about getting 21 years old, is this addictive liquid which makes its consumer have a good time with slow poisoning like effects.

4. Crystal meth

Crystal meth
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If detergent were a drug then crystal meth would be its name. In layman language crystal meth is the chemical used to make laundry detergent and lighter fluids. This product is odorless and highly addictive in nature. People abuse it due to the euphoric effect that it creates.

5. Methadone

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Though it should be used to detoxify the effect of drugs like heroin and should not be available in the market without doctor’s prescription but it is. If someone suffering from heart or breathing problem consumes or has an overdose of this drug it can lead to fatal results. The effects of this drug are so bad that it may even cause death. So beware.

6. Nicotine

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Most Addictive Drugs/Alcohol: This drug gives a kick to the consumer and increases the level of energy in the body which make it consumer do things which require 3 times energy that he has. Originally nicotine is used as a sedative as well as a stimulant. It is highly addictive and is found in cigarettes and tobacco products.

7. Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine
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Crack cocaine is a by-product of cocaine and is called cracked cocaine because of the cracking noise it produces when heated. This off white coloured drug is consumed in the form of vapours or smoked directly. Usually, the users feel the rush and excitement after consuming it. Followed by the feeling of alertness and happiness.

8. Heroin

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The most dangerous drug of all time is this white powder which can make a man go from riches to rags due its hyper-addictive nature and price at which it is available. When you inject this drug you are basically training your brain to crave more for it. It will directly attack your strong areas of the brain leaving you mentally unstable to react and make decisions.

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