Most Inhuman Prisons in the Entire World

Most Inhuman Prisons in the Entire World

The universe is divided into good & bad, hell & heaven and life & death. But I believe that there are some people who have everything in this lifetime whether it is good or bad, hell or heaven and so on. The world is full of evil and demonic people. Though there are a bunch of gruesome people who actually deserve to be hanged till death. After this level of hatred comes the next level which is implied by the world’s worst jails/prisons which treat their prisoners as what they call as blood enemy.

Following the list of the most inhuman prisons will make you realize that there are few prisons in the world who take their job very seriously. And by the end of the article, you will feel scared to commit any crime. You won’t even like to kill a fly. Warning: Even God cannot save these prisoners from this hell. So watch out.

Most inhuman prisons in the entire world you won’t like to be a part of – 

1. Tadmor, Syria

Tadmor prisons, Syria
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This prison is the identical twin of hell for its prisoners. This prison is Syria is known as the “Kingdom of death and madness”. They have this name for a reason. The guards of this prison are brutal and high on hatred for the inmates who crave prisoners with knives and blades. Once due to an assassination conducted by the prisoners they were killed brutally till death. Some were left starving and some were butchered.

2. La Sabaneta, Venezuela, South America

La Sabaneta, Venezuela, South America
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If you thought that finding “jugaad” for every little thing possible around is the birthright of the Indians then this one prison from Venezuela, South America will prove you totally wrong. This prison is one of the cruelest ones as it has the capacity of 15000 prisoners and in actual, there are 25000 and counting. This prison is full of inhumanity and politics. If the criminal is rich he will get the best part of the prison and rest of the inmate are treated like human dogs.

3. Petak Island prison, Russia

Petak Island prison, Russia
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When you here of the word Island a lot of fresh and exotic thoughts pop up in your mind. You think of water, fun and what not but now it’s time you have one more perception regarding this one Island. Petak Island prison is one of its kind prison in Russia which is responsible for keeping an eye on some of the most dangerous criminals from Russia and over the sea. Though this jail has some of the most dangerous inmates but there is comparatively less violence reason being the harsh environment. Criminals are kept in cold water and snow for the rest of their lives. Chances are that the prisoners will start to lose their mind within 20 years.

4. Bang Kwang prison, Bangkok

Bang Kwang prison, Bangkok
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This is no honeymoon destination but hell in real life. The inmates here are made to wear leg irons. And for those with death penalty their legs are welded with the leg iron for rest of their lives. The conditions get worse every day.

I pray to God that no friend or enemy has to go through these situations and hell prisons.

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