Sexiest TV Shows We Warn You to Watch Alone

Sexiest TV Shows We Warn You to Watch Alone

Warning: Please stop right there if you are not 18+ or else this site will upload an unwanted virus of your device. Huhu haha. Just kidding!

Sexiest TV Shows
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Sexiest TV Shows, Entertainment is a basic right of every individual and it surely has changed with time. In past times people used to entertain themselves by going out to an amusement park or maybe for a long walk. Later when science invented moving pictures and fitted it into a box, ahmm idiot box called television lives changed and people were seen spending most of their time inside the house than outside. On contrary to this today’s generation is a step ahead. We have transported ourselves way ahead of the world of the idiot box and moved on to something even more idiotic and that’s called technology duh! We are more into webisodes, TV series, Netflix and stuff.

But to be honest there is a lot of stuff that should not be seen in open daylight or in the presence of alien generation including parents. Otherwise, you may have to suffer some severe effects. But let’s just face it they move forward in every field from using i-phones to using WhatsApp but they will never compromise on the Swadeshi Sabhyata which the following content may hurt a bit.

So here’s the list of sexiest shows we warn you to watch alone

(Because you never know what will pop up next second).

1. Californication (August 13, 2007 – June 29, 2014)

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A cool novelist writer, hot chicks and a lot of fun/drama. Californication is an American series showcasing the life of a novelist who is a womaniser and is a borderline alcoholic. This show aired on Showtime for consecutive seven years. It got a lot of critical as well as commercial appreciation. This show is full of alcoholism, drugs and nudity.

2. Sex in the city

Sex in the city
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I know you all must have heard about this masterpiece series and you must have also watched the SITC movie too. But for those who have not stop right away and go watch it. This is an oh so sexy! series of four friends who live in New York city and are successful in the respective jobs they do. But as always life is a rollercoaster ride. They go through some ups and downs in their relationships and other regular stuff but the best part is they never let go each other.

3. Weeds

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Weed is a series which is not much heard about. This show revolves around a woman Nancy Botwin who starts selling weed post death of her husband to support her family.

4. “The Affair”

The Affair
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Showtime is one big bucket full of some real good stuff. This show is filled with the extra marital affair. The story revolves around a couple, Noah a school teacher and novelist who is happily married to Alison a young waitress who is charming and sexy. This shoe will keep you hooked with the drama and a lot of fun filled entertainment too.

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