Strive to Achieve these 25 Things Before Your 25th Birthday

25. 25 Things Before Your 25th Birthday: Watch the Sunrise

Watch the Sunrise
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25 Things Before Your 25th Birthday, We forget the most important part of the day – the mornings. One day of experiencing a sunrise will make positive changes to your life like none other.

24. Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness
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Make efforts to smile at at least 3 strangers you encounter and deliberately perform acts of kindness. Helping anyone in need is something that goes a long way towards self realization.

23. Do the Dishes

Do the Dishes
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Us youth runs far from the kitchen. Pitch in once in a while at home and help clean the dishes after a meal. It takes a load off our parents and yes, definitely earns us some brownie points in the bag.

22. Pick up a new Sport

Pick up a new Sport
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We all watch sports but how many of us play them as well? Not just for the fitness but also for the quirks, take a plunge and pick up a game you’ve never played before. Who knows – you may stumble upon your true love?

21. The Big One – 21

The Big One - 21
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Your 21st birthday must go down in history as being one of the most memorable events of your life. It comes just once and yes it’s a milestone! So make sure you have the craziest party and go all out!

20. The Lone Traveler

The Lone Traveler
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We’ve all had the family vacations! Just this once packing your bags pick a destination and travel the world. You’ll thank me later for pushing you towards this independent addiction!

19. A Masters Abroad

A Masters Abroad
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Before you turn 25, make sure that you’ve got your advanced degrees sorted. A year or two abroad is a huge learning experience and one that can’t be replaced by any other kind of exposure!

18. The 1st Drink

The 1st Drink
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All of us need to have those “oh I was so bombed that night” set of stories in the kitty! Jokes apart, a good drinking experience with your friends makes a million memories and this is the ideal age to be indulging!
P.S. Say NO to drugs.

17. The Desired Job

The Desired Job
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There comes a time in all our lives when we’re stuck in jobs we don’t enjoy. Change that! Before you turn 25 you should be able to say that you worked on something that you actually loved and wanted to do all your life! It could to write, photography, a dance academy or anything under the sun!

16. The 10% Save

The 10% Save
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You must aim to save at-least 10% of your monthly income! Get out of the thrift spending and save yourself from the “Spend as soon as I get” culture. You’ll be amazed at how well a position you’d be in financially, to secure your future, in just a year’s time!

15. Charity begins from Home

Charity begins from Home
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Before you get involved in family lives of your own, make sure you attach yourself to a charity of any nature and physically help them with their endeavors. You are fortunate to have a lot and hence, give without wanting in return. Be noble and generous!

14. Give back to your Institution

Give back to your Institution
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We are what we are today because of the schools and colleges that we were fortunate enough to attend. So after gaining financial stability you ensure to give back to your Alma matter in whatever capacity and requirements that it may have.

13. Learn to Drive

Learn to Drive
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Learning to drive a car is one of the most effective skills you can equip yourself with for tomorrow! It is the need of the hour for youngsters today. Believe me once you’re mobile, you’re free!

12. Vote

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We are the generation that is not only going to lead but also help decide who we put in that position for our nation! Make it point to vote at every election because that is the most primary role you play in the nation’s governance. Your vote counts and it’s your choice!

11. Face your Fears

Face your Fears
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Make a trip! Take a holiday! But, there’s a catch! This must revolve around adventure sports ONLY! Our biggest fear is death and an effective and fun way of overcoming that fear is to face it by indulging in sports like bungee jumping, river rafting, car racing, deep sea diving and the like. Get your gear today!

10. Help someone quit an Addiction

Help someone quit an Addiction
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Almost all of us today know of someone who is addicted to substance abuse. It’s unfortunate but true. The addiction could be as simple as one of food but – you must help them. Help that friend or loved one to recover completely and see your spirits heighten with every success!

9. Experience Living-In

Experience Living-In
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There’s no denying that the youth today lives from relationship to relationship. Marriages are the last thing on our mind and therefore to secure our future, one must definitely experience a live-in relationship to make more informed decisions. It’s not a crime and is most definitely a fun exercise to engage in!

8. Foster an animal

Foster an animal
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Fostering an animal is one of the most calming and therapeutic acts you can subject yourself to! It needn’t be a long-term commitment but even volunteering to take care of strays or pets when their owners are out of town is uplifting! Fostering is saving a life. Love animals and respect their right to a dignified life.

7. Get Published

Get Published
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Boys or girls, young or old it doesn’t matter! Irrespective of the field you might be in or the career path you’re on, getting published before you’re 25 is a huge work boost. It is also highly recommended for self actualization and your own personal growth. Don’t stop writing!

6. A live concert

A live concert
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Before the mainstream age lines catch up, make sure that you attend at-least one live concert. It is an adrenaline rush unlike any other and is worth every single penny you might shell out! Catch your favorite artist touring, attend the Sun Burn festivals or save up enough to experience Tomorrow Land!

5. Seek the Hills

Seek the Hills
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We youngsters are living lives at speeds greater than the Mumbai local. Let’s slow down. Take a breath. Pause. Visit any hill station and seek to spend a few days in a monastery meditating, doing Yoga and relaxing. Be conscious of yourself and strive to get those remnants of inner peace that you can imbibe in your daily routine at home and in work.

4. Detoxification

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Our lifestyles have enough of junk food, clutter and negativity. It all begins when we’re still teenagers and so make it a conscious effort to go on a regimented detox every few months. It is a healthy move. Cleanse the mind, the body, soul and home!

3. Mobile Free Fortnight

Mobile Free Fortnight
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Live 14 days without your cell phone. It’ll do miracles not just with your body but also the mind! Stay away from social media and instead lie under the stars reading a book. For a change make memories and not messages.

2. Get Pierced

Get Pierced
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It’s another style statement, another pain to conquer. Piercings are the in thing and look sleek and smart if done right. Get a second piercing and if you have none – get A piercing! We’re not imposing ear piercing but common – if you do it elsewhere, do it right and do it right away!

1.Earn your First Bucks

Earn your First Bucks
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I can guarantee that financial independence is the most important goal to aim for before you turn 25 years old. It changes perspectives, ideas and yourself in irrevocable ways. There is a lot you can do and give back to your family with extra income. Support yourself and stand on your own 2 feet. This is the first step to your own little bubble of happiness!

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