29 Mouth Watering Traditional Thalis Which Define The 29 States Of India

Traditional Thalis – The food richness of a state can only be measured by trying out its food, and nothing better than its “thali” to get a sense of its local values and variety.

Thali is a amount of all the staples detailed to a convinced area and usually that includes an array of lentil broth, veggies, meats and pickles with a serving of rice or roti, as the case may be.

What improves to the magic of eating a ‘thali’ is that every state has such amazingly unlike offerings, mixtures and use of flavors that it is almost like meeting up the locals and sharing a meal with them.

1. Uttar Pradesh Thali

uttar pradesh Thali

2. Madhya Pradesh Thali

madhya pradesh thali

3. Nagaland Thali

Nagaland Thali

4. Andhra pradesh Thali

 Andhra pradesh Thali

5. Haryana Thali

Haryana Thali

6. Tripura Thali

Tripura Thali

7. Karnataka Thali

Karnataka Thali

8. Kerala Thali

Kerala Thali

9. West bangal Thali

West bangal Thali

10. Meghalaya Thali

Meghalaya Thali

11. Sikkim Thali

Sikkim Thali

12. Assam Thali

Assam Thali

13. Mizoram Thali

Mizoram Thali

14. Jharkhand Thali

Jharkhand Thali

15. Telangana Thali

Telangana Thali

16. Bihar Thali

Bihar Thali

17. Goa Thali

Goa Thali

18. Chhattisgarh Thali

Chhattisgarh Thali

19. Rajasthan Thali

Rajasthan Thali

20. Manipuri Thali

Manipuri Thali

21. Uttarakhand Thali

Uttarakhand Thali

22. Punjab Thali

Punjab Thali

23. Himachal pradesh Thali

Himachal pradesh Thali

24. Arunachal pradesh Thali

Arunachal pradesh Thali

25. Tamilnadu Thali

Tamilnadu Thali

26. Gujrat Thali

Gujrat Thali

27. Odisha Thali

Odisha Thali

28. Maharashtra Thali

Maharashtra Thali

29. Jammu and Kashmir Thali

Jammu and Kashmir Thali
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