10 Inspirational Things to Learn From Celebrities

10 Inspirational Things: Celebrities are next to Gods and their acts are in one way or the other considered as holy. Good phase or bad phase, bad scars or good scars, life always has something to teach us and sometimes people whom we admire the most becomes a modem to signal us the life’s deepest meanings.

So here we list 10 great inspirational things that we can learn from our beloved celebrities:

1. Whatever the people tell you, ideas and words can change the world:

robin williams buzzfries
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The inventor of this quote is Robin Williams and we cannot agree to this more. No matter how much the world demotivates you, your confidence is the key to open the gates of your goal.

2. The people who buzzed you away will end up telling stories how they met you:

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A conclusive quote by Johnny Depp.

While you step on the podium of success, your unconventional ways will always be misinterpreted and disrespected.

This means that you are actually doing the right thing, keep up!

3. Never blame anyone for your failure:

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Leonardo DiCaprio shares this intriguing quote from his life which crafts the real solution for every problem and we can relate to it in every way.

Whenever we chose to stop blaming, we start doing the right thing.

4. Life only has lessons and no regrets:

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When a fighter and achiever like Jennifer Aniston shares this with us, we agree that a regretful life can only lead to a curse. So learn and move forward towards the direction of positivity.

5. Life is short so treat yourself with a double cheeseburger:

Channing Tatum
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The lady charmer, Channing Tatum blissfully lightens up the stress out of our lives with this quote. We won’t forget this one for sure!

6. Don’t a be rebel without a cause:

Angelina Jolie buzzfries
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Mrs smith aka Angelina Jolie proves her boldness with this mighty quote. Through the years she has been an inspiration and an idol through her acts of generosity.

7. Learn how to be still, really be still and let life happen to you. Life is radiant:

Morgan Freeman buzzfries
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Morgan Freeman, the iron man of Hollywood through his serene heart teaches us the trick to live life. Wise words from a wise man.

8. If it’s not hard, it’s not great:

Tom Hanks buzzfries
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Tom Hanks shares his learning of life. His words depict the amount of hard work he has done in his life. This quote tranquilizes the our stress away and inspires us.

9. Don’t sink in your problems but swim out of your problems:

Tom Cruise buzzfries
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Tom Cruise give us the millionth reason to love him more. Deal with your problems thankfully and craft your way out if with perfection.

10. Whenever you stop wanting for something, it happens to you:

Andy Warhol buzzfries
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Andy Warhol couldn’t be more right. Pushing ourselves way too hard to want something will only lead to pain and anger, but ironically if we stop hunting for it, chances are that it might happen to us in a more beautiful way that we didn’t even expect.

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Written by Aditi Sidana

Aditi Jhalani, holds years of experience and has a special interest in writing on satirical subjects. Making people laugh and learn at the same time satisfies the writer in her. Not just these, the writer holds experience in writing for technology, IT, fashion and numerous other subjects. She was previously a fashion designer but discovered that penning down her thoughts on paper was more interesting. Contact her at

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