Top Most Beautiful Animals in the World

Thanks to the beautiful animals living in all environments

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Most Beautiful Animals in the World: We humans are so involved in materialistic beauty, a beauty which not beauty in the real sense.

We are more bothered about getting our lips and private part get under knives just to fit in some kind of society which has really different meaning for beauty But these creatures all 100% natural in every bit of beauty and amazement.

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I agree that they look too good to be real. But yah! that’s nature for you at its best.

Though the most beautiful creatures in the world are varieties of cat let’s pamper our eyes with the most amazing and beautiful creatures that can actually put the human to shame with their natural beauty.

1. Most Beautiful Animals in the World: Persian Cats

Persian Cats
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I am not a cat lover (Yah Yah Kill me) because they are cunning and cute at the same time. You can never guess what a cat is up to moreover they are not selfless like man’s best friend. I love dogs more (Now You like me again) due their loyalty and more friendly nature. But if I were asked who are more cute cats will surely win the bet.

Cats are lovable and pretty in whatever they do. Even if they pee or poo they can make humans go away. But this cat denies all the beautification around and makes new standards for it.

Persian cats are the most prettiest of the bunch. Just look at the soft white fur human love to cuddle you kitty cat. European cats are most purrrrfect ones.

2. Stallion

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Stallions are the symbol of strength, power and speed. You can’t stop admiring the beauty and masculinity of a Stallion if you have ever seen one. They are humble and good looking in whatever they do. Watching a Stallion run makes you feel ao much alive. The best Stallions are found in Germany and Russia.

3. Penguin

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The lesson we should learn from these beautiful creatures is to stay faithful towards the one you love. Usually found in Antarctica, Penguins have only one mate for the rest of their lives.

That is just so penguinlyy suuuweet.

4. Mandarin Fish

Mandarin Fish
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These small brightly colored fish are a sight to watch. Though most of us get opportunity to meet them on Animal Planet or National Geographic Channel but these amazing creatures are actually found in Australia. Hmm, now you have another reason to visit there.

5. Rough Collie

Rough Collie
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It would be totally illegal to mention most beautiful creatures and not mention the humans best friend. These Scotlandish dogs are full of fur coat over them and they are used as sheep dogs their. They live as long as 14 to 16 years and are very popular for their beauty and wit. Nobody can beat a Scotland for its dogs and whiskey too.

6. Indian Peacock

Indian Peacock
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For the love of birds, you can’t miss out on these amazing combination of colorful beauty and pride. Though Indian by name these peacocks is found in eastern Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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